November 29, 2020

Ngoma businessman dies in inferno

Muhawenimana, a 26-year old resident of Ngoma district in Sake sector has died in an inferno when his shop caught fire.

The executive secretary of Sake sector, Mukayiranga Gloriose has told IGIHE that they obtained the information about the man’s death around 3:00 am.

IGIHE has learnt that neighbors tried to extinguish the fire but failed till the house was completely destroyed, leaving him dead and all property destroyed.

Mukayiranga explained that the value of burnt property and cause of the fire outbreak remain unknown but police investigations have started.

The Eastern province police spokesperson, IP Emmanuel Kayigi has confirmed information about the inferno and death.

“It is unknown whether the incident was triggered by electricity and other forms of fire since the deceased had charcoals and fuel among his merchandise. All may be possible since he used to smoke.The investigation have started to identify the cause of the fire outbreak,” he said.

IP Kayigi explained that the body of the victim has been handed to the bereaved family after an autopsy. A neighbor who lives next door is receiving medical attention assistance as he was affected by fire which caught part of his building.

The police advises people to be careful with fire and electricity, keep inflammable liquids out of residences and use good electric cables in wiring as well as installing fire extinguishers in their business premises.

Rwanda police toll free number in case of fire incident is 113.

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