November 24, 2020

HRW re-accuse Rwanda vulnerable mistreatment

Human Rights Watch accused Rwandan authorities to round up poor people and detain them in “transit centers” across the country, which recently said to be harsh and inhuman place where beatings is routine.

New Human Rights Watch research in 2016 has found that scores of people, including homeless people, street vendors, street children, and other poor people, are being rounded up off the streets and detained in “transit centers” or “rehabilitation centers” for prolonged periods.

Daniel Bekele, African Director at Human Right Watch asked the Rwandan government to close these unofficial detention centers and instead provide voluntary vocational training to help, protect vulnerable people.



“Locking poor people up in harsh and degrading conditions and abusing them isn’t going to end their poverty, and it violates both Rwandan and international law.” He added in a statement released on 21 July 2016.

Detainees have inadequate food, water, and health care; suffer frequent beatings; and rarely leave their filthy, overcrowded rooms. None of the former detainees Human Rights Watch interviewed were formally charged with any criminal offense and none saw a prosecutor, judge, or lawyer before or during their detention.

Even if he did not provide more details, The Justice Ministry told HRW on July 5 that it appreciated Human Rights Watch’s analysis of the directive and stated that “you cannot deny the fact that the directive contains positive elements and it is a step forward among others to eliminate any form of ill-treatment in transit centres.”

Following a September 2015 Human Rights Watch reon abuses at the Gikondo transit center, Human Rights Watch interviewed 43 former detainees from Gikondo and three transit centers in other parts of Rwanda: Muhanga, Mbazi  and Mudende.

Théogène U




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