November 24, 2020

Rwanda: A new Sugar cane factory for sugar shortage way out

The 25 June 2016 community work, Umuganda held at Kirehe district with prime Minister Dr. Anastase Murekezi provided many opportunities for eastern citizens mostly all Rwandans as he declared a new sugar cane factory project for sugar shortage solution in Rwanda.

In a post Umuganda meeting with kirehe and Kayonza citizens PM talking about regional sugar cane plantation and its involvement in irrigation project said that government is planning for sugar cane factory to annually produce around 100 tons of sugar to sidestep imported sugar equivalently.

Minister Murekezi reminded citizens that irrigation system is the core famine reduction technique to stand for climate change. Rainfall shortage has growing from bad to worse in this region and Rwandan government is now looking for solution including irrigation system.

“Government ask all agriculture and breeding related institutions to sensitize irrigation system, especially little irrigation process with a 50 % government support of materials includes generators, pipes, rain gun and big sheeting for water caption. This will be effectively done through cooperatives”.

Sugar cane plantation for the factory raw materials provision will be done by Mauritius tycoon and the remaining for citizens to generate income from the place.

Théogène Uwiringiyimana


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