November 25, 2020

Rwanda: Gorilla nearly to dilapidate Australian Honey moon

The Australian new married family interrupted by gorilla during their honey moon in Rwanda, a home of mountain gorillas. Gemma Cosgriff, a 29 woman attacked during his enjoyment and his newly husband.

She was honeymooning with her husband Damian when they encountered the gorilla knocked her over and was advised to avoid eye contact with the animal to avoid over reaction.

The animal rushes towards Ms Cosgriff and reaches his arm out, pushing her over into the long grass. Fortunately, the gorilla then walks away, followed by a smaller gorilla, as a tour guide helps her to her feet.

Ms Cosgriff believes the gorilla’s soft hands probably prevented her from suffering injuries.”Even though it’s really big, it’s quite cushiony like a pillow, so that didn’t hurt at all,” she told 9News.


The worn color might be the motivation for the attack. Melbourne University anatomy and neuroscience lecturer Varsha Pilbrow said the clothing theory could be correct.

“There is someone who looks slightly different, she’s got a different colored shirt… it could well be that the gorilla had been noticing her before that”.

She did not highly get injured while others humorously said it admired her beauty.

Theogene U

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