November 24, 2020

PM Urges all farmers to adopt irrigation schemes and fertilize

The prime Minister Dr  Anastase Murekezi  today visited Gatsibo district, eastern province for modern farming sensitization. PM urges all farmers to adopt irrigation schemes and use fertilizers for better production as well as keeping well Rwangingo-Karangazi valley dam.

He joined citizens in a special community work commonly known as UMUGANDA on irrigation mobilization and launch of third term farming of 2016 which mainly concerned with valley and easily irrigated farm.

Rwandan Government improved irrigation system since 2000 in order to fight against endless famine and protect citizens from constant sunshine as to increase agribusiness.

The recent claims of famine from some eastern province parts instigated by long rainless period and Prime Minister said that Rwandan government target to irrigate 100,000 ha of land by 2020.

The study of 2015 proved that Rwanda contains around 6,826 billion m3 of water , and PM recalled Gatsibo citizens and all Rwandans in general to cash in on their country geographical arrangement with more water.

Any interested famer to irrigation system sponsored 50% as the government seeks to eradicate any kind of famine caused by climate change.

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Théogène U


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