November 29, 2020

Rwanda, the frontrunner on arms related crimes management in EAC

The report dubbed ‘Analysis of Armed Crime Rates’ released on July 25 in Kigali during a validation workshop on the study by regional Centre on Small Arms (RECSA) on the status of armed crimes in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda revealed Rwanda with the least armed crimes.

The research conducted between 2010 and March 2016 with the support of African Development Bank pointed out that Rwanda registered 421 cases related to armed crimes.

Comparing to other four bloc member states mentioned in the study, Tanzania registered 9, 646 cases; Kenya with 12.877 while Burundi and Uganda complete the least with 26, 041 and34, 512 cases respectively, the report further states.
Inspector General of Police (IGP) Emmanuel K Gasana, while presiding over the event, highlighted measures put in place by Rwanda in prevention and control of the proliferation of small arms and light weapons including laws and community awareness as well as arms’ marking.

“The electronic arms record keeping software has been instrumental in enhancing effective arms record keeping and accountability hence minimizing possible misuse of arms and this has had a positive impact on reduction of armed crimes in our country,” IGP Gasana said.

Mutsindashyaka Theoneste, who is executive secretary, reminded drawbacks of illicit small arms ownership.

“Majority of armed crime cases were armed robbery, cattle rustling, carjacking and terrorism…this remains a concern since 8 of the 15 member countries of RECSA are rated fragile due to conflicts that are mainly fueled by trafficked small arms”.

Rwanda was among the first countries to enact and revise its regulations on small arms in line with international and regional obligation of legal harmonization.

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