November 24, 2020

Graduation does not mean life get easier-President Kagame

President Paul Kagame reminded the graduated students to get ready and facing the challenges. He presided on the graduating ceremonies of six colleges comprise university of Rwanda.

The ceremonies took place at Amahoro National stadium on 29 July 2016, His Excellence asked them to stay strong for the progress.

“Graduation does not mean life gets easier. Challenges ahead are what your education prepared you to face”.

graduates given strong recommendations

The graduates urged to rely on development process by upholding the right values, work hard for themselves, their family and their nation as well as cash in on the knowledge of the lessons learned from our history.

Kagame told them of not giving up studying. “Today marks the end of one part of your education but learning is a continuous journey that should never end”.

H.E Paul Kagame and Minister of Education Dr Papias Malimba M.

It is Through Rwandan system of improving education, the graduates told to take responsibilities as intellectuals.

“Education means responsibility. The progress of our country can only be founded on the skills and education of its people”, president added as well as thanking parents of students.

H.E Paul kagame and UR vice Chancellor Dr. Phillipe Cotton

It is the first overall University of Rwanda graduation ceremonials gather all the six colleges: Colleges of Agriculture, Animal sciences and veterinary medicine; College of Arts and social sciences; College of business and economics; college of education; College of medicine and health sciences and College of science and technology.

The graduation collected 8,500 graduates who have completed their studies at Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels.

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