November 24, 2020

PM recalled deep penalties to water price exploitation

The prime Minister Dr. Anastase Murekezi warned all the water investors who set themselves over prices regardless Rwanda Utility and Regulatory Authorities (RURA) order of water selling and price settings.

He noticed yesterday 02 August 2016 at Rwanda parliament in a presentation about government project and planning in water and sanitation department.

Members of parliament revealed the problem of expensive water prices and people who set themselves the prices, the minister reminded punishment to those water investor and mobilisation to citizens to be aware of their rights of water prices.

“Water prices are well known in the cities and they must be respected not in words or Radio but to be implemented. They must be punishment to water investors who don’t follow RURA’s settings”.


He added that there is other subcontracts who set their prices accordingly and those need to change their mind or else they should meet deep penalties.

Explaining the reasons of overprices in countryside regionals, PM explained that it was due to lack electricity to use for water elevator machines where some use fuel to provide water, but government is increasing electricity in rural areas.

Water prices in city areas at common faucets is estimated at Rwf 323 per m3 and only Rwf 20 for one jerrycan of 20 litres includes taxes and cost of water, even some places swapped rules with agreement between WASAC, districts and water users.

Government planning is to fully provide proper water to all Rwandans by the end of 2017. The government showed an improvement in water and sanitation since 2010 the rate of proper water was 74.2 % and 84.8 % in 2015.

The required water in cities is 257,436 m3 per day while water factories provide only 141,250 m3 daily and the target is satisfy all Rwandans by 2017.

A Study conducted in 2015 shows that Rwanda has billion 6,826 Cubic meters of water annually with 670 m3 for a citizen.

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Théogène U

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