November 29, 2020

Africa’s intelligence bodies urged to collaborate for efficient job

President Paul Kagame has mobilised African spy chiefs to use any resources available and counter the growing threat of Universal Jurisdiction against the continent and increase cooperation to make efficient job.

The President was officially opening a 5-day 13th Conference for the Committee of Intelligence and Security Services in Africa (CISSA), challenged Spy chiefs to use available resources to resist any form of abuse.

“Looking at the global state of affairs today, there is no longer any clear distinction between so-called strong and weak states,” Kagame said, adding that the level of inequality between Africans and people on other continents is no more.

“CISSA must adapt to the changing realities and the need for more and stronger cooperation across the world is clear,” Kagame said, adding that innovative technologies are increasingly accessible and affordable; “This is why collaboration is paramount.”

The conference attracted heads of Intelligence and Security from across 51 African countries. Kagame reminded them that no country can ensure its security without working closely with others, calling for utilization of available resources to execute the task.

Erastus Mwencha, the deputy chairperson of the African Union told the spy chiefs that collaboration of all intelligence institutions in Africa is needed to outsmart the growing threats of insecurity across the continent.

Since Monday, Intelligence Chiefs and their staff have been locked up in closed session discussing security matters on the continent under the theme: “Countering the growing threat of abuse of Universal Jurisdiction against Africa.”

Launched in 2004, CISSA provides leadership with regard to intelligence and security matters in furtherance of peace, security, and stability in Africa and facilitates cooperation and interaction among Intelligence Services.

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Théoène U

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