December 4, 2020

MPs impugned education officials over labour market competitors’ scarcity

In a joint conference between different ministers and members of parliament regarding youth idleness on 3rd August 2016 at Rwanda parliament head office at Kimihurura, deputies asked about low quality of education in Rwanda.

Most of jobs said to be conquered by foreigners due to labour market competitors shortage of Rwanda graduates and education officials condemned over irresponsibility to provide genuine competitors.

“There are a lot of jobs in which we need foreigners to perform, when we examine in hotels services, cobblers,… all those are jobs. Why are not such jobs provided by the quality of education?” MP asked.

Employers complain of Rwanda low quality of education as the focal basis of jobless people especially young generation. “Which quality of those schools of practical course? Which capacity of their teachers?” other MP added saying that there is job but the problem is quality of education.

About 85,000 graduates in a recent graduation but quality of education in doubt

Minister of Education Dr. Papias Musafri Malimba agreed that quality of education is still a hindrance to maximize the required stage to provide graduates to compete on labour market.

“About the quality of education, I really agree with honorable members of parliament anxiety and their expressions. Today we cannot assume in Rwanda we have maximized quality of education which can compete whether regionally or internationally”.

He kept on explaining that in Rwanda there is improvement in education system, but also vocational courses to help people must be highlighted to help peoples to create their own job and this will provide new jobs.

“In order to decrease the gap, it is necessary to change way of educating, and how we provide knowledge and mindset as well”.

To measure quality of education you have to put into considerations attended courses, teachers, acquired knowledge weather locally or internationally and how students conduct researches.

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Théogène U

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