November 28, 2020

Mimba: prisons’ guards arrested over absconded gunman

Three prisons’ guards of Mimba prison in Bujumbura were arrested on Monday 10 August 2016 over allegations of helping caught gunmen to escape the prison. The arrested are director general of Mimba prison and other senior workers.

The suspect who was said to transfer weapons from Rwanda and imported to Burundi, absconded when allowed to go for health treatment as UBMnews report.

After the arrested general director of Mimba prison, others are deputy director and the leader of prison internal health treatment center of the prisoners.

The absconder offered a permission to be treated outside but he did not returned.

The unrevealed sources said he mutually agreed to leave the place with prisons’ guards and other said he was late Hafsa Moshi’s brother even if no official statement to avow.

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Théogène U

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