November 24, 2020

Youth in Nyabihu sensitized on human trafficking

About 200 youth in Nyabihu District were on August 8 sensitised on the emerging crime of human trafficking and urged not to be carried away by the so-called white-collar jobs which come with consequences.

The awareness was done by Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Ariane Muhorakeye, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) of Nyabihu, who spoke to the youth drawn from the sectors of Jomba and Mulinga, noted that although human trafficking is not a common  phenomenon in Rwanda, it is paramount that everyone especially the young generation, the most targeted, understands the nature of the crime  as a preventive measure.

“This is an exploitative business done in an organized way but with the aim of selling people as commodity; your life doesn’t matter to these people… all they are interested is in their selfish ends,” IP Muhorakeye said.

“People are being ripped of their body parts, forced into sexual exploitation, forced hard labour. Be worry about strangers who try to seduce you with the so called well off jobs in foreign countries.

All you can do in such case is to report such people and together make Rwanda impossible for this modern day slavery,” she added.

She urged them to concentrate on their studies and pass on such information to their colleagues.

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