November 30, 2020

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) detached from police duties

The Cabinet Meeting on 10 August 2016 approved Institutional Re-arrangement of the Rwanda National Police and Rwanda Correctional Services and change of their tutelage; The Cabinet Meeting approved the establishment of Rwanda Investigation Bureau under ministry of justice to replace Criminal investigations department.

Ministry of justice and attorney general Johnston Busingye clarified the expediency of the changes to improve quality of justice. He said that to remove investigations process under Rwanda National police is the process of improving government institutions occurred since more 20 years ago.

Busingye added that there should be no worries for abrupt changes as they all lead to sustainable development of the country. “When is the times for changes from one level to another, you have to perform”.

Permenant Secretary of MIFOTRA, Minister Musa Fazil Harelimana and justice Minister Johnstone Busingye

Ministry of internal security, the regulator of Rwanda National Police said the decision aimed at improving government leadership especially justice department; as Criminal investigations department employed police officers who simultaneously have other duties.

Minister Musa Fazil Harelimana stated the changes will help in improving capability. “When a police person is suspected for a criminal case and he is to be proceeded by police, it was not too good to provide enough justice”.

National Police College of Musanze will also be under ministry of justice with renewed name Rwanda Law Inforcement Academy to collaboratively with Rwanda Investigatio Bureau in implementing laws decisions.

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Théogène U

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