November 24, 2020

Uganda: Students abandon school over alleged witchcraft

Luteete Secondary School, a populous secondary school  in Luweero District has been abandoned by it’s over 1,000 students over allegations that it has been invaded by evil spirits that made several students to run crazy  for three  consecutive days this week.

This is after several students who are said to have been attacked by evil spirits ran wild on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and started charging at teachers and fellow students, while murmuring words that implicated two staff members.

The headmaster Ronald Kato said on Wednesday that the chaos first broke out among boarding students  on Sunday before spreading to the rest of the students who come from outside, on Monday and Tuesday.

Kato, who was recently transferred to the Church Of Uganda founded school, blamed the chaos on what he called ‘satanic beliefs’ of the communities surrounding the school and said he had turned a deaf ear to calls by some of the parents to bring in traditional healers. “Some parents had wanted me to bring in witchdoctors. But as a church founded school, we cannot do that. Instead we shall continue relying on prayers,” Kato said.

According to New Vision, the abandoned school at around midday on Wednesday, some of teachers and a handful of boarding students who were forced to stay because of being in candidate classes, were engaged in lengthy prayers. The prayers that were being held in the school main hall and were being led by the parish priest of Luteete and his colleague Kazekia Kalule.

The two priests, who were reserved in their comments, said the situation was slowly returning to normal. Joseph Muwonge a senior two day student who watched from outside the gate said he had been told by his parents not to enter school for fear of getting attacked by the spirits.

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