November 24, 2020

Museveni Preaches christians Against Homosexuality

President Yoweri Museveni has advised youths to allow Jesus Christ to lead their ways, saying he is the ultimate example that they ought to follow. He noticed during Friday evening at the Born Free concert, arguably the biggest gospel music event in the country held at Kati Kati restaurant in Lugogo.

Museveni applauded revelers for choosing to do good and have fun in a clean and Christian way instead of getting wasted in bars. He also advised them against involving in prostitution as that would end their lives.

“Thank you for loving Jesus and for loving the church. You had an option of going to bars but you chose to come and be in the presence of God,” he said.

“The bible, in the book of Ecclesiastes says there is time for everything, this time for you to develop your lives. Don’t get involved in Umalaya.


He lashed at the western ‘propagandists’ who are recruiting Ugandan youths into Homosexuality which he said is parallel to the African culture and Christian values.

The president thanked Christian youths for refusing to be influenced into homosexuality imploring them to stay clung on to Jesus and to desist from any such influence from westerners.

“There is no loss in following Jesus Christ. He will guide you through your life and if you stick to him, you will become successful in life,” Museveni said; According to Chimpreports.

Museveni advised parents to train their children to lead the right way saying that “what you teach your children is what they also teach their children.”

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Théogène U

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