December 1, 2020

Written expression prevented me from persistent depression-Murangira César

The swiss Rwandan born Mr César Murangira published a book titled “Un Sachét d’hosties pour Cinq” to mean a bag of hosts to feed five peoples. He said during its launch on 12 August 2016 at Kigali, that the written expression helped him to not overwhelmed by sorrow and depression.

In the book describing how he survived the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994 while he was hiding in the buildings of the Junior Seminary of Ndera in Gasabo District, Murangira revealed the significance of writing about your past especially when it was full of dimness as the 1994 Tutsi genocide epoch in Rwanda in 22 years ago.

“It helps to psychologically feel comfortable for what had menaced me during 1994 Tutsi genocide. When you once had siblings but now you are alone, once you had house but now you are homeless; you wonder why all happened?” he added, “writing is therapy. But it is also a way to prevent genocide because what happened in Rwanda could happen in other places”.

Murangira César who writes “Un Sachét d’hosties pour Cinq”

He advised his Rwandan associates to play their role in preserving Rwandan history especially witness and cross ways Tutsi experienced when they were chasing by their neighbours, relatives and friends.

“When you pass away without written assertion, it means you left nothing for your descendants and generally the whole generation. It is good to keep our history in a either written, recorded, photographed or video captured system,” Murangira added.

The Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide, Dr. Jean Damascène Bizimana noted that it is worthy having credible booking of our history.

“Within fifteen years there had been improvement for genocide survivors to keep Rwandan History and to record genocide witness. It is improving as time goes on, even if the most concerned are Rwanda diaspora than people living in Rwanda”.

He added that no problem whoever could write, the necessary is to keep genocide history, witness and to avoid genocide denials through history manipulation.

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