November 29, 2020

Rusizi: Suspect Burundian soldiers shot unarmed Rwandan

Kwizera jean, 20 shot by gunmen pronouncing Burundi accent in the early dawn of 14 August 2016 at Bugarama sector in Rusizi district. Kwizera who was not dead, revealed that they were wearing soldiers’ uniform and they were speaking Burundian language.

Bugarama Sector Executive, Rukazambuga Gilbert said he (Kwizera) was hardly injured and he is being treated at Bushenge Hospital after Bugarama Health center failed to provide necessary cure for tenacious wounds.

He was shot nearly 1.5 kilometers from Ruhwa river which divides Rwanda border part with Burundian province Cibitoke when he was guarding his parents cassava crops, according to Imvahonshya.

“He was safeguarding his family harvested cassava in the farm. While harvesting some people prefer guarding their cassava until when they become sec. the same case as Kwizera, it was around 1h00 PM  when two armed people approached him speaking Burundian”. Sector executive highlighted.

Bugarama Sector Executive Rukazambuga Gilbert

He further explained that he initially thought them to be thieves and started fighting one of them, unfortunately another shot his right legs. He immediately released the suspected and shouted for first aid.

Rukazambuga added that within ongoing investigation, they encountered undisputable marks to prove are Burundians. “We are still conducting investigation but it is around the border and no Rwandans live nearly. The water shortage in Ruhwa River ease Burundian cross border”.

Citizens urged to improve security measures and to get familiar with home sunbathing of their cassava harvest instead of preferring the field dryer system.

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