November 24, 2020

Two dead and one injured in a serious thunderstorm in Rutsiro

Three children have been seriously hurt by lightning strikes and thunderstorm in Rutsiro district, western Province when they were fetching water yesterday evening. They were immediately taken to Murunda Hospital and two of them already died.

The victims were children of seven years, ten years and 13 years old consecutively.

Ayinkamiye Emerence, The Mayor of Rutsiro district said they are carrying out research to find out the reason behind the usual heavy and serious lightning and thunderstorm which had been killing people.

Rutsiro district has been seriously hurt by thunderstorm

She added that some uncertainly thought it is due to geographical state of Rutsiro dominated by high mountains while other doubt over underground precious stones.

The citizens of Rutsiro district warned to access over trees and huge water whenever it is raining, while the district still waiting for research discoveries.

Around twelve people lost their lives in lightning and thunderstorm in Rutsiro district throughout 2015.

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Théogène U

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