November 29, 2020

President Mugabe on persistent health anxieties

The Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe cancelled planned visit to Ghana amid health concerns. The 92 year old president was scheduled to arrive in Ghana on Wednesday 17 but Ghanaian media said Mugabe’s visit cancelled in mysterious circumstances, others said it was due to health problem.

This month local media reported that a team of doctors was flown into Harare from Singapore for an emergency attention to the ageing Zimbabwean president’s health ahead of country’s Heroes Day celebrations, and the Zimbabwemail said Mugabe has not been well in the last few days.

Last year Mugabe slipped on a carpet when he returned from an African Union summit in Addis Ababa, provoking a storm of comment and much online humour not only about his life worries but also his oldness.

His life concerns and oldness mount

Ken Yamamoto, a columnist with an online publication who is thought to have inside information on President Mugabe and says he frequently travels to Harare; wrote that the president had also drastically reduced his daily working routine to 30 minutes afternoon sessions.

He added that President Robert Mugabe who is now 92, is spending most of his time sleeping, seemingly because of old and failing health.

“Except when he has pressing meetings, Mugabe now works 30 minutes a day; often coming to his office around 3PM and leaving half an hour or so afterwards to go home and sleep”. Yamamoto stated.

Mugabe has often sneaked out to Singapore to receive emergency and routine medical attention amid reports that he has prostate cancer and his eyes are failing while he frequently collapses.

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