November 28, 2020

Rusizi: Three terror suspects shot dead at Bugarama

Police confirmed six people linked with terrorism in Rusizi district have been sensitizing Islamic radicalisation and extremism and three of them were shot dead, trying to escape police in the early dawn of 19 August 2016.

The action took place in Bugarama sector, Rusizi district in Western province around 5h00 AM according to Igihe.

Rwanda national Police in charge of Rusizi district, SP Sano Nkeramugaba confirmed the information. “They were six with five boys and one girl. They joined Bugarama for Islamic preaching. By the time of their capture, they tried to escape and got shot; three died and one injured”.

He added that before escaping, they have agreed to be linked with terrorism. ‘They said they do not comply with one who conceals the truth of Islam, kafirs; everyone has to join Islam religion’.

The all suspects are non Rusizi born. Two people are from kamonyi district, one from Muhanga district both in southern province; while others are from Kigali at Gasabo and Kicukiro district precisely.

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Théogène U

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