November 28, 2020

Burundi: Government stands out against social network abusers

Eight members of a watsapp political discussion group have been detained at the police in Bujumbura accused of sending out slanderous messages and insulting writings against institutions and othorities on the social media networks.

They formed a group of social networks users to expand appalling and mendacious stories about Burundi which sometimes disrupt security and loutish message to insult individual which is against constitution.

Police arrested 54 members of the group but released 46 of them soon after. According to police spokesperson, Pierre Nkurikiye; the suspects violated country’s law and constitution.

“They had gathered in a pub in the town centre where they were preparing to write and send out their writings through social media networks like Facebook and twitter.” Nkurikiye explained their arrest.

“They formed social network group used as a bridge to express their insult and mendacious stories about the country to disrupt security. They insulted individuals through Facebook and Twitter and Watsapp even if it is hard to prove what said in watsapp groups, only participants to reveal”. Nkurikiye added.

Police spokesperson officer also refused allegations that security officers seize citizen’s communication devices to check up for offensives messages and stories to the government and said the country does not infringe freedom of expression.

Burundian suffered insecurity concerns since the incumbent head of state Pierre Nkurunziza announced his third term bid and many exiled into neighbouring countries.

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Théogène U

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