November 24, 2020

Mother and son held for killing neighbours’ 33 goats

The heinous act happened on August 24 in Rwimiyaga Nyagatare District .where Ruth Nyiragicali, 57, and her son Frank Murisa, 32, stabbed and killed all the 33 goats belonging to their neighbours, Frank Muzungu and Ernest Mugenyi.

The Eastern Region police spokesperson, Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi condemned the “barbaric act.”

“On August 24, all the 33 goats crossed into Nyiragicali’s farm; with the help of her son, they locked them up in a small house and killed them. Some of the goats were strangled and others stabbed,” IP Kayigi said.

“This is such a cruel   act; we are still investigating the matter but so far we have learnt that Nyiragicali had some misunderstanding with her neighbours. However, under no circumstance is someone allowed to take matters of the law in their own hands. If the goats crossed over to her farm, she could have reported to concerned authorities,” said IP Kayigi.

“This is a barbaric act of mistreating, injuring and killing domestic animals as stipulated under article 436 of the penal code.”

It partly states that “any person who maliciously and without reasonable justification kills or seriously wounds livestock or domestic animals belonging to another person, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of up to one year and a fine of up to Rwf 2 million or one of those these penalties.”

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