December 1, 2020

Local leaders required to discern surroundings

Across the country, communities are working towards a common vision to ensure that neighborhoods become places where all families thrive and have access to the supports, opportunities and services from their local leaders and this would be achieved through Citizen-Centred Local Government system.

The Minister for Local Government has urged local officials to improve their services to the people, noting that since local leaders are closer to the people, they should lead by good example.

During the recent general assembly of city of Kigali, Minister of local government Francis Kaboneka urged local leaders to probe always closed buildings around their leading places to maximize security approaches to make sure they are; together with the local citizens; safe.

“You need to have security yourself to supply it to your nighbours and citizens. We cannot tolerate security intruders. Every leader has to be aware of what is happening in his village, cell; etc. you have to follow up always closed building even if I do not mean to intrude their privacies”.

Minister Kaboneka in March 2015, while addressing more than 500 local government officials who gathered at Gabiro RDF training centre, for team building retreat; he reminded local leaders responsibilities to the community.

“Local government is the mirror of good governance. I hope that you will leave the retreat with a goal that no one will impede our aim for good governance,” The Minister said.

The decentralization policy adopted in 2003 has received worldwide recognition for its effectiveness in getting public service closer to the people at the grassroots level of the Rwandan community and its reforms began in 2003 have been lauded for improving services delivery by local government leaders to grassroots communities.

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Théogène U

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