November 24, 2020

No sustainable development in a corrupted environment

The government of Rwanda through its programs of poverty eradicating, launches various schemes to help poor people especially in rural areas but many of them met corruption based hindrance and mismanagement through their implementation by local leaders to cash in on vulnerable belongs.

Vision Umurenge program (VUP), an Integrated Local Development Program and Girinka (Have a cow) projects aimed at rising unable people to quit poverty, said to have been corrupted by local leaders who mostly connive to illicitly take people’s properties. Some of them have been arrested but the anxiety counted through the recovery of stolen money and the ongoing sustainable development if lack of responsibilities becomes optional.

Public properties embezzlement becomes a daily case for leaders who were unsatisfied with their monthly salary, may be it is not enough; but embezzlement and theft are more custom than to satisfy someone’s needs.

In July 2016, former Gicumbi Mayor Mvuyekure Alexandre arrested by police due to embezzlement allegations and forged document suspect when he was secretary executive of Kabaya sector in Gicumbi district in 2016.

Former Gicumbi Mayor Mvuyekure Alexandre arrested in July over embezzlement

It was June 23rd early morning this year, Lucien Kamanzi, former executive secretary of Kinyonzo cell, Kazo sector in ngoma District arrested by Police from his new work place in Ngoma district. A police investigation had found that in 2012 when he was on duties, Kamanzi connived with a resident to create a  ghost project and obtained Rwf 1.2 million meant for the poor.

Minister of local government Francis Kaboneka recently urges District Administration Security Support Organ (DASSO) to stand for anyone eager to cash in on VUP programs and fraudster.

“You need to ensure that in the implementation of VUP and several other social services, there is no element of fraud. We shouldn’t also have ghost beneficiaries for these services otherwise; it is your role to ensure transparency as people charged with security.”

On closing ceremonies of national civic education commonly known as “Itorero ry’igihugu” of Nyarugenge district leaders at Tumba college of Technologies on 27 August 2016, Minister kaboneka reminded all district decision takers to stand on their responsibilities especially corruption fighting in the district services.

He said, “We remind you to build desirable leadership for our country. Leave a new form to recover citizens’ trust”, He added that a leader who enjoys corruption is country’s core foe.

Rwanda is widely known for its commitment to good governance through preventing and fighting corruption. The Rwanda National Police and Transparency International (TI-Rwanda) has been significant in raising awareness and fighting corruption in Rwanda and Government focuses on people, systems and organisations as well as builds a culture where integrity is valued and corruption rejected.

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