December 4, 2020

Ruhango: One dead in lethal machete attack

Suspected criminals attack home of Révérien Hitimana in Ruhango district, Kabagari cell and slaughter him dead and his wife and daughter wounded early Friday night on 2nd September 2016.

Neighbours of late Hitimana explained that offenders cut him in the head and he died immediately. They added his wife Drocella Uwimbabazi treated the same but she did not pass away.

“The late’s wife-Drocelle Uwimbabazi tend to abscond through the window and get cut, and she hid herself in banana plantation,” said Secretary executive of Kabagari cell where the action took place.

Late Révérien Hitimana of 38 years old, was a husband of Drocella Uwimbabazi and father of five children.

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Théogène U

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