November 27, 2020

Will Rwanda’s triumph wane after Kagame departs?

Rwandans express their alacrity to be under the incumbent president Paul Kagame till the revision of constitution to allow him extension of his term on power and 98.3% of voters agreed.

A petition calling for Article 101 of the constitution which imposes presidential term limits to be amended gained over 3.7 million signatures, equivalent to over 60% of registered voters in Rwanda. The constitutional amendments were approved by the Senate in November 2015.

The revision allows Kagame to stand for a further two terms in office after 2024, potentially allowing him to remain in power until 2034. The opposition Democratic Green Party attempted to block the changes, but saw their bid so rejected in court.

Kagame with former US president with Bill Clinton, who described Kagame as ‘one of the greatest leaders of the time

In his irregular visit, he encourages hardworking towards sustainable development and fighting for self-reliance to make Rwanda, a role model. During his visit in July 2015 in Rusizi district said, “We need to have Rwanda where all children are in school, where all citizens have better living conditions but this cannot come from elsewhere apart from us as Rwandans”.

Citizens enjoy kagame’s bravery to resolve their challenges. Once in Rusizi district during the residents’ discussion, Joseph Habyarimana, a 69-year-old resident of Gikundamvura Sector commended the President for visiting the district, saying the visit enabled local residents to share with him their success stories and the challenges they are still facing.

Paul Kagame with RPF troops in 1993, during the civil war that preceded the genocide

During an interaction with residents, they thank the President for his inspirational leadership and policies that have helped them transform their lives and inaugurated creativity to help vulnerable people.

In May 2013, The UK based newspaper; The Guardian described Kagame as Lincoln of Africa for rising above Rwanda’s old divisions.

“He emerged from the hills to overthrow the extremist Hutu regime trying to exterminate the Tutsi population,  Kagame is still a combative and divisive figure. To some he is the Lincoln of Africa for rising above his country’s old divisions – and his own suffering after narrowly escaping as a child across the border to Uganda during an earlier bout of Tutsi killing – to preach forgiveness, reconciliation and hard work as he forges a new Rwanda out of the ashes of genocide”.

No doubt, the majority of Rwandese need kagame’s aegis for sustainable security and development. The constitutional referendum held on 18 December 2015, The amendments to the constitution allow President Paul Kagame to run for a third term in office in 2017, as well as shortening presidential terms from seven to five years.

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