November 29, 2020

Ngoma: suspected criminal killed health centre employee

Maniriho Christian who was laboratory technician at Nyange health centre from Ngoma district in Mugesera sector shot dead early on 4th September 2016 night around 9:30 PM by unknown people.

Bizumuremyi Jean Damascene, Secretary executive of Mugesera sector where scandal took place confirms that he was shot and ongoing investigation is till undertaken to reveal the criminals.

“He was shot dead around 9:30 PM, he was employee at Nyange health centre but he was not killed by grenade”. Bizumuremyi explained.

He added that no suspects have been arrested as they are still conducting investigation with security officials and sharing information with residents to arrest the criminals.

One of the citizens who early set himself at deed ground exposed his anxiety whether it was not terror attack. “Perhaps it was terror suspect attack, nurses has been fired with grenade”.

The residents urged to improve communication through information sharing to ensure the security and helping local leaders to discern surroundings and strange people in the place.

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Théogène U

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