November 24, 2020

There is nothing we are waiting for and nothing we lack-Kagame

The president Paul kagame enunciates it in a two day meeting of The African Global investment summit (TGAIS) held in Kigali from this 5th September 2016. He urged African leaders to value time to close gaps among them and the whole world.

He says progress in any endeavor is about valuing time very highly and using it well to maintain sustainable development and cash in on integration. “We know integration is profoundly in Africa’s interest. What remains is to be doing what is necessary to make it reality”.

The habit of postponing African priorities and delaying its commitment said to be the most expensive mistake Africans commit and he propose there should be punishment to leaders who do not implement decisions taken.

“Perhaps there should even be a financial penalty of some kind when deadlines are not met by public sector institutions. It is not too much to say that the habit of tolerating endless delay is one of the major causes of poverty”.

The third TGAIS meeting hosted in Rwanda after the recent two meeting held at London in England, talks about Tripartite Free trade Area (TFTA) aimed at increasing integration in trading between East African community (EAC); Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and Southern African Development Community (SADC).

The TFTA deal signed in Egypt in July 2015 by the 27 country members, will facilitate to expand commercial exchange and cooperation; setting free trade area from Cape Town in South Africa to Cairo in Egypt and more 620 milion citizens will yield.

Dr Sindiso Ngwenya, the secretary general of COMESA said the meeting is a great opportunity for African investment and Ugandan president Yoweli kaguta Museveni was among the participants.

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