November 28, 2020

2 years so far, No investigation findings over three murdered nuns in Bujumbura 

Three Italian nuns found killed, two of them raped and decapitated in the north of Burundi’s capital in 2014 and now two years so far, no investigation findings revealed. Xaverian missionary sisters of Mary were brutally murdered in twin attacks on Sunday 7 September and 8 September Monday in their convent known as Guido Maria Conforti parish in the north of Bujumbura.

The police said that two sisters, Olga Raschietti and Lucia Pulici, aged 75 and 82 respectively, were stabbed to death on 7 September afternoon. The third sister, Bernadetta Boggia aged 79, was killed in a second attack that occurred on 8 September, early morning.

Pierre Claver Mbonimpa, the chairman of the local non-governmental organization for human rights, APRODH deplores the fact that the real authors of this triple murder have neither been identified nor judged so far. “Bujumbura government has never shown the will to shed light on this crime,” he states.

According to that human right defender, the case of the above mentioned catholic sisters was characterized by total confusion. “We always required independent investigations but in vain”, he added.

He regrets that there are other crimes against humanity committed in Burundi. Mbonimpa adds that governments that have succeeded pretended to conduct investigations which are never completed.

“We keep pursuing the case and we hope that things will change .The Burundian justice will one day handle the issue,” hopes Mbonima according to Iwacu Burundi newspaper.

The spokesperson of the Burundian Justice Agnes Bangiricenge indicates that investigations on the assassination of the three Italian sisters are underway.

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