November 29, 2020

Kagame suggests canceling NCNM entry fees for new nurses

President Paul kagame proposes health institutions to omit requested money for introductory nurses to the Rwanda National Council of Nurses and Midwives (NCNM), only exam that would see them licensed to practice nursing and midwifery profession in the country should remain to avoid poor and unsatisfactory health services in Rwanda.

Addressing to the 2500 university students ending up six day civic education trainings held at College of Education on 11th September 2016, He encourages youth ‘Intagamburuzwa’ to act their role and using the skills they acquired from school to help in implementing government project.

To become nurses does not only rely on someone’s academic pass but also an individual needs to participate in a test and pay Rwf 70,000 to the National Council of Nurses and Midwives to be allowed by health institutions, but many find it a challenge when a new idle graduate asked to pay entry fees.

Tuyishimire Jean Damascène, guild president of University of Gitwe asked about the blockage graduates nurses meet to be allowed in NCNM.


“Students studying nursing meet a great challenge of requested money of Rwf 70,000 by national council of Nurses and Midwives to be its member in order to be qualified for job, in fact; many of them they do not have such money”.

His Excellence kagame feels disappointed with the structure, “I do not understand well, when they have finished their studies they were punished to pay money?” He added that he does not understand the meaning of that money as one should get job depending on the skills.

Someone working in health institutions explained the reason for that money and agreed that it may be omitted or decreased.

“National Council of Nurses and Midwives council like other councils, there is a rule registration fees for new candidates. I think they revise whether to cancel all the money or to decrease”.

 In a response, president Kagame propose that it should be revised to make it effective favorable for news graduates who have not yet got money to pay lately after employment to avoid the blockage on labour market.

The 2500 students from the countrywide universities spend a week in civic education trainings for the third period in Kigali, University of Rwanda_College of Education and IPRC Kigali.

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