November 23, 2020

Tanzania earthquake kills 11 and more injuries, How about Rwanda?

At least 11 people have been killed and more than a hundred injured after a magnitude 5.7 earthquake hit northern Tanzania and struck close to the border with Uganda and Rwanda near Lake Victoria. In Rwanda no death reported only some buildings in Eastern Province damage.

Earthquake strikes western shore of Lake Victoria, with tremors felt as far away as western Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

The earthquake on 10th September 2016 destruct houses but no one reported to have lost his life in. kirehe residents said only water pipe blasted and few buildings lost their roofs.

The quake struck 43km from Bukoba, a city on the western shore of Lake Victoria on Saturday, at a depth of 10km, the US Geological Survey said.

Tremors were felt as far away as western Kenya and parts of Uganda, which share the waters of Lake Victoria, and also in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Associated Press news agency reported that the 11 who died were in brick structures, citing a regional police commander.

Pictures posted on Twitter showed buildings with collapsed walls and large cracks.

A statement from the Tanzanian president’s office said that he was shocked by reports of the earthquake that caused the death of many people, injury to others and destruction of property.

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