November 30, 2020

Agathon Rwasa in worries In spite of 2nd position in national Assembly

The Burundian vice president of the National Assembly Agathon Rwasa explains himself and also communicates his views on Burundi crises. He says the situation that Burundi is currently facing gives more concerns as the country is facing a number of challenges, notably the economic, security, and especially the challenge that Burundian people don’t accept the institutions.

Talking to Burundian newspaper, Iwacu;  Agathon said he has empathy for his fellow citizens in spite of holding second position in national assembly.

“I would rather prefer ‘as a Burundian citizen’. It is true that I hold this position, but I have empathy for my fellow citizens. The situation that Burundi is currently facing gives cause for concern. The country is facing a number of challenges, notably the economic and security ones, and especially the challenge that Burundian people don’t accept the institutions”.

He added that situation that dates back from 2015, and even a little before, in relation to the electoral process. It is a crisis that exploded with the more presidential term bid of President Nkurunziza; a candidacy that sparked quite a controversy, but was absolutely predictable.

The lack of clarity in the interpretation of the constitution also causes feuds rising. There is an article that was inserted on purpose: article 302, which is a jinx on the people of Burundi. Even if there had been someone else to lead the country, the temptation would not have missed. Article 302 was deliberately introduced into the constitution for those who wanted to go into extra time.

President Nkurunziza (L) and FNL Chairman Agathon Rwasa (R) sign a declaration at the end of a regional summit implementing a cease-fire on December 04, 2008.

Asked about the incumbent president’s candidacy followed by controversial elections that he had decided to boycott and he is now in the institutions which resulted from them, Agathon Rwasa has a say.

“In politics, we must always learn to make decisions, depending on the circumstances. Deciding to be in institutions did not please everyone but, in any circumstance, everyone is responsible for their own fate. The question is what we are doing in these institutions”.

About the security of his life early declared himself to be in danger, he said that one is never completely safer in Burundi. “How many people were murdered in broad daylight and perpetrators are not apprehended? Organized crimes are a reality and criminals are maybe protected. There may be a lull, but one must not rest on their laurels. We have to always remain vigilant”.

Both President Pierre Nkurunziza and Mr Rwasa led mainly Hutu rebel groups fighting against the army which was dominated by the Tutsi minority during the civil war, in which an estimated 300,000 people died.

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