November 29, 2020

RNP hands over South Sudanese recovered vehicle

Rwanda National Police (RNP), on September 12, handed over a vehicle to South Sudanese owners after it was stolen and recovered in the City of Kigali last month.

The South Sudanese registered Land Cruiser Pick-Up plate number EE 519B was reportedly stolen in Kampala on July 28 before the alleged thieves crossed to Rwanda, where it was intercepted.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Tony Kulamba, commissioner for Interpol and cooperation at RNP, handed over the vehicle to Deng Jacob Garang at the force’s General Headquarters in Kacyiru.

The vehicle was stolen from Jacob in Kampala and it belongs to his brother Luil Garang Deng.

Jacob narrated that he crossed to Uganda from South Sudan on July 26, with a Ugandan mechanic working in South Sudan, and took the vehicle straight to a garage in Kampala for repair.

“I left the vehicle under his care, to follow up; I was surprised more than a week later when I was told that the car had been stolen by the same person  after I called a friend  who was supposed to ensure that it’s fully repaired,” Jacob said.

Deng Jacob Garang thanks RNP for their professionalism and integrity

“At first, I never knew I would recover it, but I am thankful for Rwanda Police for their professionalism and integrity; when I told people that my vehicle had been recovered in Kigali, they discouraged and tried to erase my hope of having it back,” said Jacob.

“This, however, proves them wrong; when I approached the Rwanda Police, they informed me that there was a process to follow and today I am very happy that I signed these official handover papers,” he added.

According to ACP Kulamba, the vehicle was recovered on August 4 in Gikondo; Kigali,  2  suspects were arrested and investigation still on going.

“After we received information on the stolen vehicle, investigations were launched and it was seized in Gikondo by the police, we informed our counterpart in South Sudan, who sent all the particulars on the vehicle in question and the rightful owners through I-24/7 global Interpol communication system,” said ACP Kulamba.

“We have strong cooperation with our counterparts in the region especially under the auspice of the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (EAPCCO) and when something is stolen or goes missing in another country, we communicate and help each other in investigations and recovery, and arrest of suspected criminals,” he added.

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