November 23, 2020

Bar owners warned on selling illicit alcoholic drinks

Owners of bars in Huye District have been cautioned against selling illicit alcoholic drinks and urged to join efforts to fight them by revealing suppliers to break the supply chain.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Protais Rwiyemaho, the commander of Ngoma Police station, while speaking to proprietors of bars and residents of Matyazo Cell on September 18, noted that some bars have been blacklisted for selling Kanyanga and other banned illicit gin parked in sachets and other locally made illicit brew, urging them to “refrain from  illegal behavior and business” to avoid punitive consequences.

This was shortly after the public exercise to pour over 450 litres of illicit brew seized from a local bar of one Clarisse Muhorakeye, in a police targeted operation in Matyazo.

“Owners and managers of bars should understand and deal in the legalized alcoholic drinks instead of dealing in illicit brew and gin, which is in itself an act of further promoting criminality that can’t be tolerated,” said CIP Rwiyemaho.

“When you offer these illicit drinks to a man, remember that you are fueling domestic conflicts; when the young generation lay on the flow of your bars after consuming these harmful drinks, keep in mind that you are limiting their chances of making it in life and promoting theft and other malpractices; be partners in fighting such by adhering to standards and law,” he added.

He further urged them not to offer alcoholic beverages to minors, noting that this is also a crime.

Article 217 of the Rwanda Penal Code defines a child or a minor as “every human being aged less than eighteen years unless otherwise provided by the law.

Article 219 of the penal code stipulates that any person who offers or sells alcoholic beverages or tobacco to a child or involves his or her in the sale of such products shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of at least three months but less than six months and a fine of Rwf300, 000 to Rwf1 million or one of these penalties.

These penalties also apply to any person who encourages a child to drink alcoholic beverages or to smoke or to go to bars.

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