November 24, 2020

Be as humble, as you are curious and ready where necessary to fight for what is right-Kagame

President kagame delivered yesterday 20th September 2016, an annual Coca-Cola World Fund lecture at Yale University in Connecticut in the United State. In his remarks, he called for the world to work together to find solutions for the world issues.

Kagame said he was proud that Rwanda to be one of the highest contributors to global peacekeeping missions. He asserted that Rwanda was always ready to fight to defend its stance on international issues irrespective of whatever price there was to pay.

The relationship between citizens and leaders can unfold in a more direct and face-to-face manner as described by His Excellence as well as calling for the world to work together.

“Imagine how much more we could do together, how much safer and more hopeful our world can be, if we always relate to each other in a spirit of humility and mutual respect, united against the many radical forces seeking to change the globe beyond all recognition”.

The United States strongly supports industrial development in Africa through programmes such as the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act.


“We have learned that there is some concern about our policy change because it is beneficial to some people here in some ways.So why don’t we find a way to work together instead, so we maintain a good policy, which we all agree is beneficial, while finding a way to create new opportunities for these American firms. There is always a solution like that, if you look for it”.

Previous lecturers in the series have included Michael Doyle, Gary Hart, Tom Friedman, Nicholas Kristof, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Sam Nunn, Sadako Ogata, Samantha Power, Mary Robinson, Raghuram Rajan, Eboo Patel, Mo Ibrahim, Marwan Muasher, Raila Odinga, John Githongo, and Deborah Brautigam.

The Coca-Cola World Fund at Yale was established in 1992 to support intersecting endeavors among specialists in international relations, international law, and the management of international enterprises and organizations.

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