December 3, 2020

RwandAir Bans Samsung Note 7 Phones on Board

Rwandan carrier, RwandAir has banned the transportation of Samsung galaxy Note 7 mobile phones as cargo on board.The company made the announcement in a statement released Tuesday September 29th via their website.

“In light of the recent incidents and concerns raised by Samsung about its galaxy Note 7 devices, we have banned the transportation of Samsung Note 7 mobile phones as cargo aboard our flights,” the statement reads in part.

“Passengers are strongly advised to ensure that no mobile phone is used during the flight and not to stow them in the checked baggage.”

Samsung recently recalled Samsung Note 7 phones citing issues with their batteries which have a tendency to explode.

A few days after the official announcement and release of the smartphones, they reportedly started exploding while they are charging. Reports indicate that the explosions have spoilt cars and set a house on fire.

RwandaAir has also warned passengers using their soon to arrive A330 aircraft which is equipped with connectivity services, not to charge the phones (Samsung Galaxy Note 7) while on board and also not to stow them in the checked baggage.

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