November 25, 2020

Rusizi residents on new measures to maintain security

Six people linked with terrorism in Rusizi district have been sensitizing Islamic radicalisation and extremism and three of them were shot dead, trying to escape police in the early dawn of 19 August 2016 and this wake up the residents to take new measures to avoid strangers to intrude their security.

Various residents say it is Rwandan culture to accommodate whoever needs you but when it comes to be security issues, they need to be serious since security abusers tend to disturb their stability. Based on local leaders’ advices, they cannot accommodate anyone with no identity.

Nyiraruvugo Speciose, Rusizi resident in Nkombombo explained the process of welcoming a guest to assume that their security is not in danger.

“We in our sector and cell, when you get a guest whether a Rwandan or your relative from DR Congo; first of all you inform leaders and security keeper in the village to check his/her identities. You cannot accommodate someone without identity card and others identities,” Nyiraruvugo stated.

Mupenda  Venuste, another resident from Nkanka Sector said also local leaders need to know the reason for strangers trip and deadline to leave the place to make sure no one to misbehave towards insecurity treatment due to the fact that he is not well known in the region.

“Not only identities, it is necessary for chief of village to record him (guest) in in visitin book as well as mentioning the days to spend in the place and the reason for his trip. Some come here for employment reasons like carpenters”.

Harerimana Frederic, The mayor of Rusizi said the citizens measures must be supplemented by youth education regardless their religion.

“As district authorities we have responsibilities to keep on our mobilisation and daily follow up towards youth to discern what and where they spend much of the time,” Mayor Harelimana explained.

The Muslim community in Nyabihu District recently in a meeting with Muslim leaders and representatives in Nyabihu, which focused on strengthening partnership in community policing and raising awareness against radicalization in particular;  have been called upon to preach and join efforts against crimes to promote safety and security.

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