November 28, 2020

Kagame calls for the wealthier countries to protect refugees

President paul Kagame reminded wealthier countries around the world to stand for and be ready to protect refugees not only when they begin to be affected. The call made during 71st United Nations General Assembly at New York.

On the remarks of refugees, he said the issue must be addressed with consistency and compassion all times as well as sharing common vision to preserve peace and security. “The preservation of international peace and security depends on maintaining a shared vision of the outcomes we want for our world”.

Developed countries sometimes do not stand for refugees’ related issues and more African refugees died crossing water to Europe, and kagame said the issue ought to be the concern of the whole world. “The issue of refugees cannot become a crisis only when the wealthier countries begin to be affected”.


The love of leaders towards their citizens and relating to each other in in the international community would make easier to achieve what the countries fighting for. “If we keep the people we are fighting for at front of our minds, there is no reason we cannot achieve,” Kagame highlighted.

On the side of gender balance, kagame said the women should firstly reach their potential then all of the people. “Build on what we have learned so far, be inclusive, especially women. If women are not reaching their potential, then none of us are. I am proud to be a HeForShe and urge others to support this important campaign”.

The declaration adopted by UN for refugees and migrants on Monday outlines how countries should respond to the large movements of refugees and migrants worldwide. The term ‘large movements’ does not reflect a number, but the mixed flow of people, refugees, or migrants, who seek similar routes and face similar threats.

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon said during the session that the summit represents a breakthrough to address challenges of human mobility. “Refugees and migrants are not a burden but a potential if we unlock it,” he said.

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Théogène U

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