November 25, 2020

Kicukiro raises awareness to promote public safety

All roads in Kicukiro District led to Kicukiro stadium where thousands of motorcyclists, cyclists, students, casual workers and youth volunteers met with security organs and local leaders in the City of Kigali in an awareness campaign aimed at responding collectively to high impact crimes.

The meeting was also attended by Major. Gen. Mubarak Muganga, the division commander, central region Police commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Bosco Rangira and the mayor of Kicukiro, Dr. Jeanne Nyirahabimana.

It tackled various areas of crime including the emerging global threat of human trafficking, gender based violence, drug trafficking and abuse, and radicalization.

ACP Rangira dwelt much on the impact of community policing in crime prevention and promoting public safety, noting that the “failure of each individual is the gateway for criminality.”

Using the example of domestic and gender related conflicts, he noted that this is a crime that people may take lightly but which can spark community violence, impede household development, assault, abandonment, homicide and school dropout where children engage in other criminal activities like abusing drugs and theft.

“Domestic and gender based violence is a crime that has diverse ill-effects of social, economic and wellbeing spheres. Fighting them is your role as well…by reporting affected families  so that their issues are amended before they turn violent,” ACP Rangira said.

While commending them for their role in crime prevention, he observed that drug abuse remains a major threat to the young generation and appealed to them to join the Rwanda National Police (RNP) community-based efforts to break the supply chain by providing information on the dealers.

Maj. Gen Muganga appealed to them to stay on course in their development activities and give no room to those that would want to divert them into evil acts like terrorism and youth radicalization.

The mayor of Kicukiro urged them to be ambassadors of change and overseer in the implementation of government development activities and uphold safety and security of their communities.

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