November 28, 2020

‘These fake beers ruin your life and security’-PM to Gisagara residents

The Rwandan Prime Minister Dr. Anastase Murekezi calls for Rwandans to quit drugs abuse for a safe life and a bright future. The recall made during today’s community work of last Saturday of September takes places at Southern province, Precisely in Gisagara District.

The Prime Minister also launches the first farming term as well as encouraging Rwandans to stand for climate changes and be read to water keeping system to maintain irrigation scheme.

Drugs abuse highly criticized to be on the fore front of insecurity in the region and they contribute to life crisis.

“It is a great occasion to remind Gisagara residents, all Rwandans as well that drugs includes fatal fake local beers like Nyirantare, Muriture, Ibikwangari, and Mukubitumwice are useless; you have to boycott. These fake beers ruin your life and they infringe security,” PM warns.

PM Dr Anastase Murekezi joined Gisagara resident for new manioc plantation

Farmers told to keep water for irrigation and cultivating proper trees and grasses on traces to stand out against soil erosion. He also reminds them to accustomed early farming to stand for climate change.

“Those who have delayed to plant, it is the time to imitate your colleague farmers to make sure that you will have planted by 15 October 2016. I remind you the irrigation system in case of rain shortage especially those whose farms are nearby lakes and rivers”.  Murekezi told farmers.

The government will sponsor in fighting crops’ diseases fighting and the breeders as well. As highlighted by Prime Minister Dr. Anastase Murekezi, the government of Rwanda is doing its best to prevent wild animals from gazing farmers’ crops.

Modern agriculture production is a key to avoid famine since it provides food, decent employment, and income for the rural population.

Beth S. Crawford, Regional Strategic Programme Coordinator at FAO, said the organisation is also involved in building resilience in Africa, which looks at droughts, floods, irregular weather patterns and how countries can be best prepared to withstand challenges that undermine agriculture development.

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