November 27, 2020

Authorities sacked DASSO who violated street vendor-Says Mayor

Following the recent disseminated violent video showing a District Administration Security Service Organ (DASSO) officer trying to kick a female street vendor, Nyarugenge district authorities says they have suspended him and definitive sacking process is still underway.

The video shoot shows a woman street vendors highly quarrelling with security officer known for their acronym DASSO. Eyewitnesses state that unrevealed by name security officer (DASSO) had early warned the street vendors to leave the place but she refused, she went and back.

The quarreling went on till they fought each other till the spectators intervened to rescue the woman street vendor who risked kick to ass as once happened at Nyabugogo main car parking.

Spectators rescue the woman from DASSO’s anger

Nyarugenge Mayor, Kayisime Nzaramba says in today’s morning talk show on City Radio that security officer (DASSO) deeds were totally against the will and ethics of duties, he has been suspended from his job and sacking process is underway.

“Even you, you know that sacking an employed individual is a long process; as district administration we have punished him. He did it on his own behalf, we are conducting investigation about him and DASSO administration has two options for punishment; court punishment and administrative punishment. Administrative punishment is sacking”.

Mayor Nzaramba added that he has been suspended from his duties while ending up sacking process to officially sack him. She added such behaviors despise district authorities and generally the whole country.

More than 20 DASSO officers have been beaten by street vendors. Mayor Nzaramba urged street vendors to abandon it since government has been introducing local markets to help them.

Watch video showing quarrelling

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