December 3, 2020

27000 remains of genocide victims get decent interment in Jali Memorial site

On 30th September 2016, a ceremony to decently bury about 27000 remains of victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi was held at the refurbished Jali Memorial site in Jali sector, Gasabo District. The Memorial was refurbished by the financial support from Rwanda Energy Group (REG) to replace the one constructed in 1997 that had been dented.

 Dr. Bizimana Jean Damascène, the executive secretary of the National Commission for the Fight against the Genocide (CNLG) who attended the ceremony recalled the history of Genocide in Jali neighborhoods.

He said that since the liberation war began, French military officers and men came to Jali barracks to train the then Rwandan armed forces on torture that was practiced on Tutsi and those said to be members of the Rwanda Patriotic Front captured on the battle.

 He requested that such stories could be reordered so that generations to come can read them. He also recalled the that the recent National Dialogue resolved that districts, government institutions, parastatals, religious institutions and other could document and record the particularities of the genocide within their institutions.  

Dr. Bizimana denounced those who uphold the genocide ideology, recalling the example of those supported Dr. Leopold Munyakazi, a genocide suspect who has been   recently extradited from the United States. He said that 304 cases of genocide ideology have been recorded this year, urging people to emulate good example set by those who do not support genocidaires who still hide in different parts of the world.

 All those who spoke at the event hailed then Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA), a military regiment of the Rwanda Patriotic Front who risked their lives to liberate the country and stop the genocide.  

Judith Kazayire, the vice-mayor for social affairs in the city of Kigali called people on supporting genocide survivors to recover from the wounds caused by the Genocide against the Tutsi.

She also challenged parents to nurture the culture of unity by instigating positive values among their offspring.

The Jali refurbished Memorial site is the burial place for Tutsi who came from different surroundings of Jali seeking refuge to military officers and men in Jali barracks who instead killed them.

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