November 24, 2020

Lt Col Mutembe expresses Rwanda defence’s prestige

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Mutembe, Gasabo district military commander said that Rwanda defence force is a compatible to fight any security abusers. The remark stated on 30th September 2016, during a ceremony to decently bury about 27000 remains of victims of the Genocide against the was held at the refurbished Jali Memorial site in Jali sector, Gasabo District.

He told genocide survivors and all Rwandans that no one can intrude Rwandan security. Lt Col Mutembe compared strange attackers as toothless enemy eager to bite.

Referring to the recent appeared tract from unknown people stating that the marked houses with remove sign ‘X’ (signs on remarkable building in high risk zone) belong to Hutu people, he urged resident to be aware of government projects. He added people should not be concerned with ethnic division.

“I would like to tell you that we are completely safe. There still a battle to explain to the people but what is more crucial is that they can do nothing. We have removed our enemy’s teeth he is now toothless, they are there only to say; nothing they can ruin”. Lt Col Mutembe highlighted.

He added that Rwanda Forces which restrained genocide succeeded in spite of insufficiency in number and equipment and now they have improved with adequate materials to fight enemies.

“The power that restrained 1994 tutsi genocide proliferates, whether in matter of equipment and seeking people with genocide ideology to be taken in court. Whoever think of neglecting genocide commemoration and decent bury of remains of genocide victims, is the one we are still fighting with”. He added.

The success so far achieved by the RDF in this regard has mainly relied on maintaining a credible defence capability, promoting collective security arrangements, defence diplomacy and above all on the support of all Rwandans. The main goal is to preserve peace by means of preventing conflicts and winning wars once imposed on Rwanda or in defence of vital national interests.

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Théogène U

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