November 27, 2020

Fraudster arrested in Gisozi

A man suspected of tricking and defrauding a woman in Gisozi Sector of Gasabo District has been arrested. Theogene Uwiringiyimana, 38, was arrested on October 3 in Kagara Village of Musezero Cell a day after he swindled about Rwf70, 000 from a woman, who works as a tailor in Gacuriro market.

It is alleged that Uwiringiyimana, having knowledge that one of the relatives of the victim was impotent; he approached the woman and made her believe that he had medicine that would solve the problem.

The suspect apparently seduced the woman to believe that he even had supernatural powers to cure the alleged patient in absentia.

“He then gave his target hubs which she rubbed in her hands and under the feet as the cure; the hubs burnt the woman both in hands and feet and at first the victim was convinced that that’s how it works and that the burn meant that the witchcraft, which she was meant to believe that it was the obstacle, had been burnt as well,” Supt. Emmanuel Hitayezu, Police Spokesperson for the City of Kigali, said.

“At the time the victims was going through pain because of the burn, Uwiringiyimana stole Rwf70, 000 from her handbag and escaped,” he added.

“There are two scenarios involved; one of people believing in fairy tale and others playing around one’s ignorance to steal from them,” said Supt. Hitayezu.

He, however, warned that one’s ignorance or lack of information on something doesn’t mean or give right to another person to victimize them.

“This is a deliberate criminal act punishable by the law, and should be fought by everyone; this is what community policing is for. Teamwork builds a strong bond that criminals can barely penetrate, creates a foundation of effective response in locating and arresting wrongdoers, recovering stolen items through information sharing,” he said.

Article 318 of the penal code states in part that any person, who obtains the property of another person by fraud, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of three to five years and a fine of between Rwf3 million and Rwf5 million.

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