November 28, 2020

RDF denies allegations of Rwanda forces’ invasion in Burundi

The Burundi based media published that around 40 armed Rwanda military forces with local residents entered Ngozi Province at Sabanengwa Mountain on Tuesday and destroyed a house under construction. The news said the armed forces aimed at taunting but Rwanda defence force (RDF) denies.

Albert Nduwimana, the Governor of Ngozi province where alleged incident took place said the mountain located at Rwanda-Burundi border and Rwandan military and residents got in around 10 PM and spent one hour, UBM news reports.

The governor went on saying that Rwanda forces and residents loot beans and took away the trees which the broken house was made of.

Rwanda defence forces denies Burundi’s statement on what called propaganda, says RDF spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel René Ngendahimana when talking to about the allegations.

“No Rwandan soldier entered Burundi, All those are propagandas conducted by Burundi’s side with something behind,” Lt Col Ngendahimana said.

Since insecurity immerged in neighboring country, Burundi; allegations laid to Rwandan government and other nations to be involved whether directly or indirectly in insecurity issues and to help president Nkurunziza’s opponents.

The baseless allegations stipulate that Rwanda government involves in disturbing Burundi’s security through refugees military recruitment and regular demonstrations set on to denounce Rwanda, which Rwanda officials deny saying they are biased statements to cover internal disorder.

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Théogène U

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