November 25, 2020

Rwanda MPs denounce European delegation report on Ingabire Victoire

In September, European Union (EU) delegation of members of Parliament (MPs) visited Rwanda to enhance women rights in the country by visiting various places includes Isange One Stop centre for best practices on rights of women and gender equalitybut totally denied to meet jailed opponent politician, Ingabire Victoire.

The chairperson of European Parliament Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM), Iratxe Garcia Perez with her delegation released a five page report on 5 October 2016 which Rwandan officials accused of disrespecting of country’s sovereignty.

EU Parliamentarian Iratxe Garcia Perez said that since their arrival they visited women organizations, Ministry of gender and family promotion, Isange One Stop Center among other institutions. She lauded the efforts that Rwandan government deployed in protecting women’s rights but the report juxtaposed their mission trip to Rwanda.

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On Monday, during a joint session bringing together the lower house and Senate, the Rwandan parliament agreed to ask the European Union parliament to officially withdraw the resolution on Ingabire’s case.

“I would like this parliament to make this resolution an outright attack on the sovereignty of Rwanda,” said Hon. Adolphe Bazatoha the chairman of parliamentary committee on Unity, Human Rigths and the fight against genocide.

Rwandan MPs agreed to use all possible platforms to ask the EU Parliament to withdraw the resolution that Rwandan parliament says intends to divert the development agenda of the country.

The Rwandan Parliament’s resolution, which was voted on by both senators and deputies, will be widely circulated to institutions that include the European Union Commission, the UN Security Council, the African Union, as well as the EAC Secretariat and Parliament with hopes that it will make the EP’s recent resolution on Rwanda invalid.

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