November 28, 2020

Kagame denounces children’s rights abuse

Rwanda has taken significant steps to improve the legal and institutional framework for the protection of the rights of children and has been recognized as one of the leading African countries in indicators of child-wellbeing. It was one of the first countries in the world to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

President Paul kagame, while addressing an audience during the launch of the Judicial Year on 10th October 2016; expressed annoyance of endless children’s rights abuse and said that no one should witness such behaviours indicating lack of sensitivity.

“It is not a good thing that we can continue to witness, the cases of extremely abuse whether it is the case of abusing children in many ways; rape and sexual abuses children and others being sold like potatoes on the market,” Kagame said.

The overall objective of the Child Protection Programme is to support the Government of Rwanda in strengthening the national and subnational child protection system focusing on improving prevention and response to violence, exploitation, neglect, abuse and discrimination in conformity with the national legal and policy framework.

In his remark, His Excellency Paul kagame highlights that people should yield the acquired knowledge they have to think actual victims. “Sometimes it is not lack of knowledge or expertise, it is lack of sensitivity; lack of something that should be guiding us to make sure that we think about those at the receiving hand, actual victims”.

The overall result for the UNICEF Child Protection Programme is to ensure that the most vulnerable groups such as children with disabilities, children without appropriate parental care, children affected by HIV, children affected by violence or armed conflict, children who are victims of gender based violence have access to quality child welfare services in a strengthened protective environment.

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