November 28, 2020

Opinion: Burundi crises involve Kigali to abate the situation

The insecurity rose in Burundi since the incumbent president Pierre Nkurunziza announces third term bid in presidential office and more than 450 people have been killed in a move his (president Nkurunziza) opponents say violated the constitution and a peace deal that ended a civil war in 2005.

The persistent Burundi indictments to Rwanda government and its president Paul kagame became priority to soften the violent accusations by international humanitarian activist by saying Rwanda to be the cause of insecurity upsurge.

On 30 July 2016, the crowd protested outside the Rwandan embassy in Burundi, accusing the neighbouring country of training Burundi rebels in special weekend for Burundians to protest against France and Rwanda. One of the banners carried by demonstrators accused Rwanda military refugees’ recruitment, “Rwanda: Refugees military recruitment equal violation of international law”.

The death of Burundian EALA member late Hafsa Mossi used by politicians and security officers to baselessly prove Rwanda as guilty of Burundi’s crises.

Burundian security officials said in July that they have arrested three people over late Hafsa Mossi murderer. The three suspects caught on 21 July 23, 2016 and ministry of internal security proclaimed that due to the conducted investigation, the suspects agreed to have received order and money of unrevealed people from Rwanda.

Burundi’s embargo on agricultural products export to Rwanda, a decision taken due to accusations of refugees military recruitment. The second Burundian deputy president Joseph Butore addressing citizens gathered at the market how Rwanda is fighting Burundi.

“We can’t give what we have cultivated to Rwanda when it is fighting against us. It is necessary to sell what you have cultivated to other provinces of the country”,

RDF spokesperson, Lt Col René Ngendahimana denies Rwandan forces invasion in Burundi

Early this October, Albert Nduwimana; the Governor of Ngozi province and Burundi based media published that around 40 armed Rwanda military forces with local residents entered Ngozi Province at Sabanengwa Mountain on Tuesday and destroyed a house under construction. The news said the armed forces aimed at taunting but Rwanda defence force (RDF) denies.

Rwanda defence forces denies Burundi’s statement on what called propaganda, says RDF spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel René Ngendahimana when talking to about the allegations.

“No Rwandan soldier entered Burundi, All those are propagandas conducted by Burundi’s side with something behind,” Lt Col Ngendahimana said.

Undoubtedly these baseless allegations aimed at hiding internal crises to show international communities how neighbouring country, Rwanda indirectly intervene in throwing away Nkurunziza regime campaign through refugees military recruitment.

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