November 23, 2020

Police officers urged to be on international policing standards in UN mission

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Emmanuel K Gasana has urged commanders of contingents set to be deployed in UN mission to understand and define the mission mandate effectively.

The Police Chief made the remarks on October 18 while officially opening a seminar of 45 commissioned officers under the two contingents and of the Protection Support Unit (PSU) and the Formed Police Unit (FPU) set to be deployed in Central Africas Republic (CAR), held at the Rwanda National Police General Headquarters in Kacyiru.

He noted that integrity and discipline are core parts of professionalism that should characterize them as exemplary leaders.

“Uphold national values as a spring board for national interests at all times and ensure your subordinates are physically and mentally ready for daily deployment,” said IGP Gasana.

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“Maintain force readiness and preparedness, understanding well the concept of force protection that comprises safety and security, welfare, administration discipline, self-control and professional conduct,” said the IGP.

He further urged them to make a step further and enhance relations with other peacekeepers, pick best practices and enforce the spirit of teamwork.

“A lot is expected from you by your country that has entrusted you as well as the people where you will be deployed; this should also be an opportunity to learn more to improve your professional standards,” he said.

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The officers were also urged to master standard operating procedures, communication briefings and reporting as well as event management and protocol that match well with international policing standards.

During pre-deployment preparations, the IGP said, they should acquire enough knowledge and be well acquainted with Rwanda’s policy on peace keeping operations and advance professional values throughout their tour of duty.

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