November 30, 2020

Rusizi: Motorcyclist mystery death rises burial disagreement

A 50 years motorcyclist named Boneza Lambert used to live at Mashesha cell, Gitambi sector in Rusizi district found dead in his house later this week and his burial caused disputation because the cause of the death is unknown.

His neighbors say at the day of his death, he did not go to work as usual but instead appeared at Meshesha commercial center in good conditions, talking to different people including the executive secretary of the cell.

The reason of the disagreement of the burial is that the wife and son of the deceased were captured through the investigation and who are now at Nyakabuye Police station.

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The executive secretary of Gitambi sector Marie Claire Niwemugeni, confirmed the death and said the wife of the deceased was away to work, while his husband was going to have his hair cut at Mashesha.

When Nyiransabimana Julienne, the wife of the deseased returned home about noon, found her husband dead near their bed.

The executive went on saying “the woman hurried to the nearby cell executive, and the police as well as the people. The body is now still waiting to be buried after outopsy  test conducted at Mibilizi hospital.”

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No cause of the death of Boneza lambert is maintioned, but the burial is waiting for the confirmation of the burial by giving the rusults from the hospital.

Niwemugeni avuga ko ntacyo bakeka cyamwishe, ahubwo ko bagitegereje icyo polisi ivuga ku isuzuma ryakorewe ku bitaro bya Mibilizi.

Moreover, last week he suffered a bit and went to the hospital whereby the doctors found no illness and let him return back to his home

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Jean  Mermoz

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